Privacy Policy - Moonlight Game Streaming

Published: October 2018

As free and open-source software produced for the benefit of the community, the Moonlight project takes user privacy very seriously. This document only covers official Moonlight applications ("Moonlight clients"), not forks or unofficial clients made by other developers. Because the Moonlight project is open-source, other third-party developers can create derivative works that do not adhere to the guidelines in this document.

Table of contents

What data we collect

During operation, Moonlight clients may collect performance data and system information to help us identify issues. This data may contain information that some people or organizations may find sensitive including but not limited to: PC names, IP addresses, and MAC addresses. Some of this information may be sent to us in crash reports if you've opted in to this feature in your device or operating system settings.

Moonlight clients do not directly send any analytics or other telemetry data, however other software used to download, install, and run Moonlight clients, such as your operating system or app store may do so. If available to us, we will use this information to improve the application stability and performance in accordance with the policies of such data sources.

During troubleshooting procedures, we may ask for log files to assist us in identifying performance or stability issues. If the logs are posted publicly, we cannot guarantee the privacy of the information contained within the log, so please ensure any private information is redacted prior to posting. In the event of accidental leakage and notification from the affected party, we will attempt to remove any private information to the extent that we determine to be feasible.

What data we share

We may share crash reports, full or partial logs, and other application reliability data with other projects, teams, organizations, or companies as required to debug issues in Moonlight applications and other related software.

We do not collect or share any data for the purposes of advertising, tracking, or other similar commercial purposes.