What is Moonlight?

Moonlight allows you to play your PC games on almost any device, whether you're in another room or miles away from your gaming rig.

Moonlight (formerly Limelight) is an open source implementation of NVIDIA's GameStream protocol. We implemented the protocol used by the NVIDIA Shield and wrote a set of 3rd party clients.

You can stream your collection of PC games from your GameStream-compatible PC to any supported device and play them remotely. Moonlight is perfect for gaming on the go without sacrificing the graphics and game selection available on PC.

Moonlight in Action


Stream at up to 4K with HDR support

If you can see it on your PC, you can stream it using Moonlight, including your full Windows desktop at 4K with HDR on a capable client.

Support for 120 FPS streaming

Stream at up to 120 FPS using the new Moonlight PC client with the option to disable V-Sync for the lowest possible latency.

Run your own cloud gaming server

You can host your own gaming server on many residential ISPs by just installing the Moonlight Internet Hosting Tool on your gaming PC.

Multiple client platforms

If you have an Android device, iOS device, Apple TV, PC or Mac, Chromebook, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Raspberry Pi, or even a LG webOS TV, you can use Moonlight to stream games to it.

Open source

The code for our Moonlight clients is hosted on GitHub under the GPLv3 license. We welcome contributions and would be happy to help with ports to new platforms.

Completely free

Moonlight is a project run by the community, not a company. We have no interest in pushing ads, bundled services, paid versions with extra features, or subscriptions.

Download Moonlight

Moonlight for PC, Mac, and more

Stream to Windows, MacOS, Linux, Steam Link devices, and Raspberry Pi 4

Moonlight for ChromeOS

Stream to ChromeOS laptops and tablets

  • Chrome Webstore Badge

Moonlight for Android

Stream to Android devices

    Download Download Download

Moonlight for iOS & Apple TV

Stream to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV


Moonlight Embedded

Stream to single-board computers (Community port)

Moonlight for Xbox

Stream to Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X Consoles (Community Port)

  • Download from Microsoft Store

Moonlight for PS Vita (Homebrew)

Stream to a Homebrew-enabled PlayStation Vita (Community port)

Moonlight for Nintendo Switch (Homebrew)

Stream to a Homebrew-enabled Nintendo Switch (Community port)

Moonlight for Wii U (Homebrew)

Stream to a Homebrew-enabled Wii U (Community port)

Moonlight for LG webOS TVs (Homebrew)

Stream to a LG webOS TV in Developer Mode (Community port)

Getting Started

Are you ready to stream? Check out our Setup Guide for tips on how to get started.
Have a question? Check our FAQ page to see if it's already answered there.
Seasoned Moonlight user? Give back to the community by joining our Discord and helping other users.

Who We Are

Moonlight was created by Case Western Reserve University students as a project at the MHacks hackathon in 2013 and further developed at MHacks and HackCWRU in 2014.